Chloé's Story

Chloé Café's name is derived from Chloé Lee's name ——it means Chloé's favourite milk tea.

《茶约》(tea-date) is due to a tea date in Prague during Christmas. The reason why Chloé Café's “é” has the accent aigu on top is to remind everyone that Chloé milk tea was inspired from the European Dutch milk tea, since it is regularly used in the European language.

A tea-date in Prague.
Czech republic
        The trip before Christmas in Prague, Czech Republic; Sam took his wife and daughter to Vaclav Square (Václavské Náměstí). In the middle of the open area, they saw a circle of people, dancing to the light music of the Czech Republic. Joey ran over, learning to dance like the others, jumping and laughing.

        The music ended and they hugged. The new friend was always a bit reluctant to talk. He, a tall middle aged man, was from Germany. As they chatted and talked about wonderful Dutch tea, they found out that they had a common love of milk tea. The German man knew a place for good milk tea. They decided to follow him and drink the Dutch milk tea he recommended.

        On the way there they passed by a busy place known as the Champs-Elysees Boulevard in Prague. It was lined with elegant buildings built in the early 1900s.. there were large shops, hotels and restaurants everywhere. The sun was setting quickly and the nocturnal Vaclav Square was waking up, with neon lights belonging to night clubs and saloons flashing. In the middle of the square was a massive statue of King Vaclav, riding his stone horse bearing a flag. It was on a high marble pedestal. They didn't think they were able to randomly go somewhere and see such a Prague beauty without planning anything.They followed the German uncle into a restaurant that was not unlike a boutique hotel. A party of four people were sitting in an elegant restaurant in a boutique hotel, and all four of them ordered tea with milk.  
          He recalls that it was the German uncle who helped them with their black tea and milk. It seemed to be expertly done and the amount of milk poured was accurate. He had a big mouthful of Dutch milk tea, and couldn't help but admire it. Countless experiments were made with milk and tea to squeeze out the taste similar to the one he had tasted back in Prague!

          In 1667, the diary of the British writer Samuel Pepes mentioned that the doctor advised his wife to drink hot tea to cure colds. It is important to use tea as medicine. Because of the British habit of adding sugar, this was the reason for the sugaring and milking of tea.They are now sipping Dutch milk tea.

          Since the Dutch brought their milk tea into the UK, they haven't been accustomed to drinking spicy, strong Indian milk tea.They remove spices and mix different kinds of tea to make it. The Netherlands have  high-quality cows and milk, so the taste of Dutch milk tea is strong and good. Such a blend of tea to the taste of gentle, the tea has become a rich and mellow milk tea.

          They drank one after another the other day. Chloe, who had been reading, suddenly said: Wow, it's delicious. Can you bring it back? Let's open a store and drink it every day.  The four of them had a whopping 17 cups of Dutch milk tea altogether.

          In order to find Chloe's favorite milk tea, after returning home, to collect tea all over the world. Almost every 3 days, they gathered in the kitchen to make tea and taste test tea. They tried more than ten kinds of milk to go with a variety of teas, hundreds of kinds of black tea.

         That year, the whole kitchen was filled with a hundred blended teas' fragrance, colourful scented tea; in 2 years, from milk tea lovers to the experience of having their own tea brand, through the 132 failures and obstacles, Chloé Café was finally born.

The origin of adding sugar and milk in tea.
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