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             Chloé Café is a tea brand, well known for its fine teas. Founded in late 2018 with its first store in Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia. It was co-founded by Mr. Sam, his wife, Joey, and daughter,  Chloe.

             The chinese name "茶约" is due to a tea date in Prague during Christmas. The family of three met a tall, kind German milk tea lover uncle; with his reccomendation, we tried Dutch milk tea for the first time. Their 5-year-old daughter who only loved simple food and plain water, and who rarely asked for things except books, asked them to bring back the Dutch milk tea back so to open a café, because she wanted to drink it every day.

             Sam has a construction & design company, who loves coffee, Joey is an Interior designer who loves milk tea and light baking. Chloé is about creating new teas, coffee and light bakery with Chinese tea and prestigious Uganda coffee beans for 20-45-year old white collar men and women with hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Chloé is expected to expand globally for the world to taste their fine milk tea, so that the 5000-years Chinese tea culture will be loved and passed down for many generations to come.

             With tea as our main product, it sets us apart from other coffee shops, and we believe white collar young men and women have always loved tea, coffee and light bakery food. Chloé is about the integration of these three things, so everyone can get what they want.We use quality tea and Uganda coffee beans as raw materials, focusing on making exquisite, world-class milk tea; our main customers are usually between the ages of 20 and 45, 60% of whom are women. Chloé hopes to provide a quiet time and a business space for fashionable men and women.


Product Description

Find the Right Tea

Tea was introduced in a variety of flavours. There was honey tea, brown sugar fresh milk, fresh tea, bubble tea, cheese tea, warm pure flower tea, fruit tea, Ice blended and so on.

Italian style coffee beans
Italian espresso beans, mainly to the well-known Bugisu, Uganda coffee beans are paired with coffee beans from Yunnan, China. We bring the coffee beans of Uganda and Yunnan to your hands.

Special Interior Characteristics

Special Interior Characteristics

The cafe interior design resembles the brand and the aesthetic, each little detail reveals the Chloé Café feeling.

Rose gold symbolises a moment of success.. a positive energy shining on the road ahead of life.

Marble white as insight and wisdom, it can dissolve the frustration and helplessness in life.

The beauty of the milk tea and the colourful desserts are a source of inspiration and joy in life.
Chloé Café hopes that people can enjoy the beauty of food in a space with cool fashion, independent personalities and experiences. It is necessary to make the conceptual and thematic aspects of space more intense to maintain brand tonality.

Chloé Concept

Chloé's Concept

          Chloé aims to make its customers adopt a "life is good" attitude by providing a peaceful environment and leaving a sweet taste in their mouths. Between the product and nature, always see yourself as a participant with natural tea, famous coffee beans and a cool and comfortable environment to present a refined and tasteful experience.Because of this attitude, in a single test period the family tried more than 100 kinds oftea. Before creating the honey scented milk tea, in addition to going to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, they took a milk tea class, studying and tasting. In the middle of it they encountered problems like unstable tea quality, fructose containing anti-corrosion chemicals, tea prices being too high etc.
          The experiment took two years, testing other brands of milk tea including Chinese and Taiwanese brands, but with every trial, they were a family of three together.The Mr cooks the tea, the Mrs does the tea to milk ratios, changes syrup ingredients according to taste shapes, and the daughter tells jokes, taste tests and comments on it.
          Fate prompted them to make friends with Fujian's tea manor owners. They recommended this high quality honey tea. The black tea is developed by the Taitung branch. During the growth of the honey tea leaves, small bugs called Jacobiasca formosanatobite the leaves to give it its unique fruity, honey like taste, so the production of this particular tea is not much.They do not use pesticides and their tea is organic. The method of making this tea is also slightly different from the general process of making black tea. Kneading, fermenting, and a quiet sultry process, to strengthen the tea leaves' unique aroma. And beneath the initial taste, is indeed an amazingly fruity taste with floral honey.It is sweet and soft but also filled with the unique rounded taste of black tea.
        This honey tea won the gold medal - in the world's first tea contest held in 2006! It was directed by the Agricultural Commission and hosted by the Taiwan Provincial TeaBusiness Association Federation.15 countries and regions entered 784 tea products for the contest; composed of six professional judges who rated them strictly.


Fujian's high quality honey tea is at the foundation of the milk tea, mixed with two different flavor of honey tea.  

        It was the first time Sam had tasted the Dutch milk tea once again after a successfulhoney-scented milk tea: A big mouthful full of tea scented milk tea and a light flowery fragrance.. Oh, Dutch milk tea 2.0 reappeared in our home, we feel so lucky. Taking another big mouthful, tongue wrapped in the sweetness of the milk tea, not stickiness.


Wow! This is very unintelligible; factory's fructose production contains preservatives and chemicals that should give the tongue a sticky feeling.

         She revealed the truth.. we would rather increase the cost and labour to supply the homemade golden syrup.The Mrs chose small tapioca pearls because they make no massulite and are safe for children.
        Chloé Café didn't invent the cheese topping, they improved the cheese topping. It isn't illegal for the milk tea industry to use powder to make cheese in large quantities over the past decade, but they decided to replace powder with fresh ingredients such as fresh milk and cream cheese, because Chloé Café is designed for parents who love their children too.

Chloé Vision

Chloé Vision

         300 years ago, the British actually had to free up a fixed amount of time every afternoon so that could enjoy the luxurious milk tea. Also, tea originated in China and milk tea originated in England and the Netherlands. Ethnic minorities in northwest China have the habit of drinking milk tea as well, though there is no difference in preference between grassland-style salted milk tea and the now popular milk tea.In the 16th century, Chinese tea was not very popular because only a small number of nobles could enjoy the luxury goods.In modern society, especially the young, they have rarely spent time sipping a cup of tea, thinking about how world-class, exquisite milk tea and 5000 years of Chinese tea culture will be popularised globally through the exquisite ingredients and the way of modern life.

Bakery Food

Bakery Food

French layer cake made from New Zealand pure, natural butter & milk. Sweet, light baked foods include various croissants, chicken puff, tuna puff, salad and more.

Alkaline Water

For every single drop of water that Chloé is using for fine teas and coffees, goes through 6 layers of alkaline filtration syster which has restore the water back to it's natural quality just like it first fell from the sky.

It's alkaline water you drink.

Fine water, make fine teas and coffees, of course, finest milk tea too.

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